Charcoal briquettes are our main product.

This is a charcoal used mainly for barbequing and is made from carbon powder, which is a by-product of sifting larger pieces of charcoal. Then add the binder, which is usually wheat flour or corn starch and form into hexagonal charcoal briquette. An eco-friendly product, free of chemicals, no smoke and no cracks.

Our products are produced

  • Charcoal briquette, 4 kg carton / 2,50 €
  • Charcoal briquette, carton 8 kg / 5,00 €
  • Charcoal briquette, carton  10 kg professional use / 8,50 €
  • Hardwood pellets, poke 15 kg / 4,50 €
  • Ornamental pine bark, poke 50 liters / 4,85 €

Our 4kg package is ideal for the super market shelf.

The advantages of brigette over traditional charcoal are price, ease of use and uniformity in baking.


It has a burning time of 7 hours, while the combustion stability is excellent and the wait time for baking starts to reach 40 minutes.


The economics of long-term baking (eg spit) are enormous since approximately twice the amount of charcoal required for the same effect.




The market for this is huge since almost all taverns and traditional restaurants in Greece use charcoal for barbequing.


Production of charcoal brigette is almost non-existent in Greece. As a result, all quantities sold are imported and at high prices from third countries such as Indonesia, Argentina or Malaysia.


Our production is expected to be

about 1,500 tonnes per year.

Production process

The hexagonal briquette production process is made using sophisticated and environmentally friendly technology.

The raw material of the briquette is carbon dust, which results from the sifting of charcoal during packaging. Properly treated and compressed to a particularly high temperature (300 ° C), it takes the form of a wooden briquette. Under these pressure and temperature conditions, wood resins act as natural adhesives. No other foreign substance is required.

This method produces the ideal artificial charcoal: Heavy (twice the heaviest wood), hard (like stone), homogeneous, dry. These ideal briquettes are carbonized in chambers at 700 ° C – 800 ° C for a suitable time, simulating the conditions of traditional fireplaces but with perfect control of conditions and parameters. They are then cooled for two days followed by sorting and packaging.

Advantages over simple charcoal


– No smoke (due to the perfect carbonization, the product burns without smoke or fumes during the initial ignition and subsequent combustion).

– Low residual ash (high temperatures in the combustion zone).

– Maximum combustion duration (derived from perfect wood).

– High heating capacity (maximum carbon density).

– Lack of sparks (due to structural uniformity).

– Combustion stability (due to homogeneity in mass).

– Cleanliness in handling – use.



The hexagonal briquette is packed in 4kg cartons.

The packaging is ergonomic and suitable for safe transportation, easy and clean storage even in the baking area.

It is ideal for professionals.