Who we are

The company “Greek Biofuels” was founded in 2013 in New Ephesus, Pieria, with the aim of producing pellets of wood, wood briquettes, and pioneering in Greece, carbon powder briquettes.

It is a family business run by Vasileia Tsiklitari, with a degree in Materials Science from the Technical University of Ioannina.


Objectives – Our Mission

Meeting our customers’ needs and desires with safe products, superior quality and affordable prices is our main goal. The contribution of employees to achieving this goal is crucial.


That is why we support and promote a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, to ensure the well-being and progress of both the company and our partners.

Working with integrity

The conduct of our work with integrity and respect for all partners, institutions, communities and the environment that we come into contact, has always been a primary concern of our corporate responsibility. We operate with integrity and deep sense of responsibility because we believe that the long-term course of a business depends on the quality of its products and its consistency.



The reliability and strict control standards that distinguish our company, bring our collaborations to high levels of trust.

Environmental management

Our philosophy and principles, “enforce” the shaping of the plan of action and production of our products, starting from and finally, a plan of ecological consciousness. Our goal is to operate responsibly and consistently. Our values indicate our responsibility towards workers, consumers and the environment.


The model “THINK GREEN” is the main lever of our start, and it was based entirely on the utmost respect for the environment, since through a series of studies and investment actions, it managed to produce products of very ecological, 100% recyclable, While at the same time it formed those, which with the production of new products (wood Pellet-Sawdust Briquette-Charcoal Briquette) created new consumer behaviors.